I was recently interviewed by Victoria Wilson for her ground-breaking podcast for dental hygienists and dental therapists from all around the world. Do you know SMILE REVOLUTION PODCAST?

“The podcast interviews poignant dental hygienist and dental therapist who are happy to share their journey for others to learn from. I believe we should always share what we have learnt from any elements in our profession, so others are supported in their learning and we limit time spent learning what others already know. “

These are the words of Victoria Wilson, the creator of the SMILE REVOLUTION podcast. Here in this article where you can learn more about her and her outstanding project! At the end of the article you can also find the link to listen to my interview and know more about me and my journey in my career. I want to say thank you to Victoria for this opportunity! It was an amazing experience !





1. When did you graduate? I qualified in 2003.
2. In which university did you study? The Eastman Dental Hospital in London.
3. How did the idea of the podcast Smile Revolution evolve? An idea to create the Smile Revolution began in 2015 after furthering my studies and completing a bachelors in Oral Health Promotion under O’hehir University. Trisha O’hehir inspired me hugely in my studies and encouraged me to explore other avenues of communication within dentistry. My dissertation focussed on communication and behavioural change for dental hygienists and dental therapists. Essentially Smile Revolution is an umbrella to support oral health promotional projects that support overcoming oral health inequalities through various communication channels. The Smile Revolution Podcast is essentially one of the communication channels out of the Smile Revolution to support career development for dental hygienists and dental therapist around the world and evolved due to a combination of contributing factors. One of the contributing factors was through teaching colleagues I learnt of many colleagues frustrations and obstacles that could potentially inhibit them from reaching their full potential. I identified there was a need to further support colleagues who may be at a cross roads and wish to advance their careers yet are unsure how. Another contributing factor was down to an article I wrote about the accomplishments within the profession over the years that has shaped where we are today. I have an ever growing interest in our profession and my colleagues that surround me and our profession moving forward. Due to the fact I lived in the UAE for 10 years, I had the fortune of travelling with my work and meeting so many wonderful Hygienist and Dental Therapists from around the world. I have learnt so much from such colleagues and the podcast is a portal to connect my connections and share the valuable unique stories and learnings of other remarkable colleagues for others to learn from.  I sincerely hope the podcast inspires the listeners to help support career development and moving our profession further forward. My belief as a profession is the more we share the faster we can grow to overcome oral health inequalities. The podcast interviews fully empowered dental hygienist and therapist who are happy to share their journey for others to learn from. I believe we should always share what we have learnt from any elements in our profession, so others are supported in their learning and we limit time spent learning what others already know. I love what I do and have from the day I qualified. I feel 16 years on so fortunate to have chosen a career that I am still so passionate about today.
4. When was it born? I started recording the podcast last year.
5. Did you create it yourself or did you have a team that supported you? I created it myself however I now work with an editor to edit the podcast and I have now obtained some funding to support my expenses of producing the podcast.
6. Do you work in the private sector or even in the public sector? I am currently not working clinically as I have baby girls. I have however worked in NHS practices in the early years in my career, and in the latter predominantly within private practice.
What kind of therapies the dental hygienist can perform in UK? Depending on your qualification as we have Dental Hygienist’s and Dental Therapists and the scope of practice varies between the two. The best place to access the scope of practice in the General Dental Councils – Scope of Practice document

7. Which courses or topics would you recommend to dental hygienists to deepen their university studies? There are so many courses and university degrees, and diplomas now available to us. I would say for all hygienist to explore their own personal interests and what they are passionate about in the profession and to source the education that aligns with this. I strongly believe you need to be passionate in the subject matter to excel.
8. Do you have a website? www.smile-revolution.net    www.victoria-wilson.com
9. To whom is podcast dedicated? The podcast is tailored to Hygienists and Dental Therapists around the world. However I believe all dental professional will find value in the podcast
10. Where we can listen to it? Itunes, Soundcloud, spotify, pocket cast, tunein, acast, stitcher
11. Describe a typical week of yours: your routine. I am currently a full time mum, however my mum looks after my girls on a Monday and Thursday that gives me the opportunity to work. I also work every evening when my girls have gone to bed.
12. A tip for newly graduated hygienists – work hard, continue studying, find your passions and explore them and stay focussed, become a member of your associations, and continue to build your networks to learn from each other, find a mentor and enjoy the continuous journey of always learning.
13. What is your professional dream that you want to achieve or that you have achieved? To be know for contributing to memorable campaigns / projects / research that has significantly supported communication within dentistry and advancements in oral health promotion.


So here you can find my interview and you can learn or hope get inspired by the projects I’m currently working for.



Some photos of our skype meeting during the interview 😉