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Since many of you have asked me more about the treatment of professional hygiene of patients with implants and prostheses, today I want to tell you briefly about the steps of guided biofilm therapy on implants. This treatment that you can see in the photo begins with the disclosure of biofilm with GC tri plaque [...]

Preventive oral medicine: diabetes and periodontal disease

Interprofessional and interdisciplinary cooperation in the management of diabetes and periodontal disease INTRODUCTION This article aims to underline the importance that preventive medicine is increasingly gaining. In the dental sector, the perio-medicine is also evolving thanks to the numerous scientific studies being carried out to assess the correlations between periodontal disease and systemic diseases. In [...]

Preventive oral medicine: smoking cessation

“There’s a very common challenge that we all face, at work and at home, when it comes to encouraging behaviour change in other people: we might want them to do this or that, we might encourage, request, ask, implore, beg, or instruct, but in the end, only they can change their behaviour” (Health Behavior change [...]

Fluorosis and ICON DMG: cases and scientific evidence

Fluorosis is characterized by hypomineralization of tooth enamel caused by ingestion of excessive fluoride during enamel formation. Characterized by relatively well mineralized outer surface layer, beneath which a diffused hypomineralization or porosity in subsurface enamel is seen while clinically it leads to esthetic deviations depending on the severity of fluorosis. The severity of the condition [...]


Amelogenesis imperfecta is a disorder of tooth development. This condition causes discolored, pitted or grooved, and prone to rapid wear and breakage. These defects vary among affected individuals and can affet both primary and permanent teeth. The exact incidence of amelogenesis imperfecta is uncertain. Estimates vary widely, from 1 in 700 people in Sweden, to [...]


As someone already knows, I am studying the DED to understand what injuries can be treated with ICON. What is icon? Follow the link to find out. https://www.dmg-dental.com/en/products/product/icon-caries-infiltration Before using this product, however, you have to make a diagnosis, that is to understand why a DED was formed. We need to analyze the causes. Today [...]

Anti-inflammatory diet

Inflammation is your immune system's reaction to irritation, injury, or infection. It's a normal response and it's a natural part of healing. But it's possible that chronic inflammation could have a negative impact on your body and your health. Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one way to counter some of the chronic inflammation. One of the chronic [...]

Alzheimer’s disease and periodontitis

Alzheimer's disease is the preeminent cause and commonest form of dementia. It is clinically characterized by a progressive descent in the cognitive function, which commences with deterioration in memory. The exact etiology and pathophysiologic mechanism of Alzheimer's disease is still not fully understood. However it is hypothesized that, neuroinflammation plays a critical role in the [...]

Extraskeletal role of vitamin D for Periodontal Health

EXTRASKELETAL ROLES OF VITAMIN D : INFECTION-RELATED About 95% of vitamin D is synthesized in the epidermis of the skin upon its exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is known to play a significant role in bone and calcium homeostasis and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent because it inhibits immune cell cytokine expression and [...]

La parodontite: nuovi strumenti per la diagnosi

La malattia parodontale La malattia parodontale è una patologia infettiva cronica dei tessuti di supporto del dente. A causa dell’infezione batterica si instaura il processo flogistico con conseguente danno tissutale. La conseguenza più grave della parodontite è la migrazione apicale dell’attacco epiteliale, riassorbimento del tessuto connettivo e dell’osso alveolare che può indurre perdita precoce [...]